In creating any company, there must be a purpose that surfaced as to why the company was created. Given this website is a new page, I thought of what my first blog post should be. I see many home inspectors blogs about various important issues with defects or other concerns they come across. For my first blog post I think it would be a great artifact looking back to see what I intended when I was getting started. I also think company goals are a good thing to share with your perspective clients because they help establish a clearer vision of your purpose.

Goal one: provide a top quality inspection. I have always appreciated the importance of the service we provide and have always treated my role with tremendous significance. While participating in a home inspection can feel fun and relaxed, your inspector is taking it very seriously. There are many unsafe homes in our area and often a variety of safety issues in a single home. As home inspectors, we need to take care to ensure we identify as many issues that are related to safety as possible and also identify any potential big ticket items for potential buyers. I often tell my clients that although an issue may seem common or insignificant, I want them to be prepared to deal with it as needed even if it’s years down the road. Thinking from my clients perspective, I need to think about them and their families – not only now but in the future. That is why EVERY inspection is so important and really needs to be the best inspection possible, every time!

Goal two: create a sustainable business. The decisions we make as business owners when starting a new business can impact our ability to keep the business going and the type of business we have. The perfect home inspection business would be successful enough to have the funds to continue to invest in the best technologies and have the time to devote to each customer. In some ways there is a balancing act where you want to ensure you have a fair and competitive price to continue to have interested clients but also keep your schedule designed in a way where you have the appropriate time to serve each client. I plan to write another blog post regarding pricing and more about this matter.

Goal three: work hard. There are several key measures of the quality of a good home inspector and I am a firm believer that working hard is near the top of the list. As an inspector, you come across many areas that are difficult to get to or take a lot of effort to go the extra mile. I pride myself on pushing myself to ensure I am working hard and getting to the areas we need to when it’s safe to do so. The areas that are the hardest to get to are the ones with the most problems. If we identify as many problems as possible we don’t have to worry about what reason we couldn’t identify them.

Goal four: value my family above all. It sounds silly, but one of the things that makes me a good inspector is my family. I have a loving and supportive wife and two beautiful young daughters (both under 4 when writing this). When you have kids – particularly little ones – you get trained in the art of keeping them away from hazards. It seems like kids and buying new homes go hand in hand, so I think it’s much easier to visualize what concerns my clients with small children may have being able to put myself in their shoes. My relationship with my family makes me a better inspector and having a manageable business supports that.

If I can accomplish these things I will consider myself very fortunate and successful. The decisions I make now will be to maintain my vision for the business moving forward and I hope looking back over time I will feel I have kept these goals in mind.

I am excited to see where I am next year at this time!