Do Photographs Matter?

The most important aspects of our reports is what we write, but photos and video can play a key role in helping our clients understanding an issue.

There are many comment in the report that may not have any photo, but if added they are intended to help to reinforce the concepts and descriptions in the report. Photos are added as often as we feel they can add value and we feel this is frequently the case.

The language in the report is written with the intent to be simple, so anyone can read it. That being said, there is always some level of technical  language and photos can help bridge the gap when the subject is complex or difficult to understand in written form. Photos can also give other information like location, severity, condition at the time of the inspection, and other valuable facts. We value not only having photos but having quality photos. We spend time to ensure we are documenting details as we inspect your home so not only the client, but the inspector has something to refer to in the future. There have been many times in the past when our clients have commented on our photos and how much the detail in the report helped to improve their understanding and communicate the problem to others who were not present during the inspection. To learn more about our process, call today!