Jameson is an ASHI Certified Inspector, Background Verified Inspector and Director on the Board of Directors

As an inspector we take a lot of pride in being an ASHI member. As a consumer many have no idea about what ASHI is and what it tells you about its members. Simply put, ASHI members provide a higher standard of home inspection throughout the industry. America Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) is a collection of chapters including the ASHI New England Chapter. These chapters are part of a nationwide tradition of providing a quality inspection.

So, what does ASHI do differently?

First, it ensures a quality inspection by its members by holding itself to a higher standard. The ASHI Standards of Practice (SOP’s) and Code of Ethics are the most recognized standards for the home inspection profession.

Secondly, ASHI is more than just a group, its a community. Members are there to support and educate each other. Many members put forth an effort to support each other and donate their time to improve the home inspection industry. ASHI New England has over 100 members and plays an a large role in improving Home Inspections in our area.

Third, ASHI is centered around helping its members grow. Starting with education, but also providing tools and resources. Our industry is constantly changing and ASHI puts you in contact with some of the best educators in the industry.

Lastly, providing the ASHI Certified designation to those members following its standards. After completing over 250 inspections while following the SOP’s, you can apply to become an ASHI Certified Inspector. ASHI has an evaluation process to ensure its SOP’s have been followed during these inspections. The Standards of Practice exceed the states requirements in many ways and ensures a quality inspection.

Home Inspectors who are ASHI Certified Inspectors are among the top inspectors for these and other reasons. Jameson is a proud Director for the ASHI New England Board, a ASHI Certified Inspector and a Background Verified Inspector. Jameson has completed education annually both at the in person meetings and through ASHI online. Staying connected to other inspectors and striving to develop and learn is in the fabric of being a Home Inspector.