About Your Home Inspector

You‘re not just buying a home inspection – you’re buying years of experience.




Growing up in an 1805 Federalist Home was like living in a museum. I remember climbing on the exposed post and beam framing. Additionally, I learned about knob and tube wiring in the attic and even explored the various basement hiding spots. Being raised in an old home ignited my passion for how cool houses can be. As a result, much of my youth was spent fixing up properties – working for various contractors or with my father who shares my passion for real estate. Dabbling in all aspects of the trades when I was young taught me a lot about how…or how not…to improve a home.

Professional Background

Graduating from Suffolk University with a bachelor’s degree was a proud accomplishment. Afterward, I pursued several jobs out of college and learned about leadership and being a professional. Subsequently, my time out of the trades helped me greatly. Being in the corporate world under great scrutiny can have a vast impact on how you communicate and handle yourself with others.

Family First

The greatest accomplishment of my life is being a proud husband and father to my amazing family. My two great little girls, Stella and Rylie, keep me smiling. I couldn’t be of any success without the support of my wife Brittany, who pushed me to get out of the corporate world and back into the construction industry to pursue my passion.

ASHI Certified

Education is a passion of mine, which has led to my participation in the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). As the current ASHI President on the board of Directors for ASHI New England. I am proud to be part of what I consider the best group of inspectors in the state. Pursuing as much ongoing education as possible has always been one of my favorite parts about being an inspector. As long-time inspectors have taught me, there’s always something you can learn no matter how long you’ve been doing home inspections.

My Community

The community I live in is a great part of my business. Inspecting houses in Gloucester is a passion of mine and there is a real sense of community. Rockport is near and dear to my heart as I have family there and have lived there in the past. Homes in Essex I have inspected have been amongst the oldest I have completed on the north shore. Manchester-By-The-Sea has some magnificent and secluded properties I am lucky enough to have inspected. While Cape Ann is my home I commonly inspect homes in Salem, Beverly, Danvers, Peabody, and all over the North Shore. The start of my career was working with a Boston area company and still have clients in Boston and the surrounding areas.

My Business

Many inspectors have different strengths and communication styles. I pride myself on communicating factually and clearly. Because of my background outside of home inspections, I am able to work with a variety of buyers who have different communication styles, and feel listening is a huge strength of mine. Working with first-time home buyers and seasoned buyers who have a lot of questions and a high level of engagement in their inspections. I focus on patience to work with my client and understand the home even with the pressure of limited inspection timeframes and other factors. Many inspectors are very knowledgeable, but few have the ability to help you fully understand a large volume of information in a short amount of time. I can always try to explain my strengths, but please check out my reviews as nobody does a better job explaining my performance than my prior clients.


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