Should I get a home inspection even after waiving it when I purchased?

Waived your Massachusetts Home Inspection?

Did you purchase a home in the last few years and have to waive your inspection to seal the deal? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But what if there are hidden issues you are not aware of? Many sellers are very motivated by waived inspections and there must be a reason why.

Did you know that many buyers get post-sale inspections once they take ownership of the home, even if they waived it during their purchase process? A Boston post-sale home inspection can still provide great value even without the ability to negotiate.

Why A Post Sale Inspection?

A post-sale home inspection can help uncover potential surprises before they become major issues. Small repairs now can save you significantly versus the cost of major repairs down the road. Our inspections can also help prioritize projects so you can put your money into the most important and urgent items. Prevent your loved ones from being exposed to unsafe conditions by understanding what safety issues exist. An inspection is focused on pointing out potential safety concerns. There is a lot to learn from an inspection and knowing what upgrades, preventative maintenance, or even just how to operate the home can help you protect your greatest investment. Many clients who have had a post-purchase inspection say it provided them with great value and more importantly peace of mind.

What’s Next?

Talk to a home inspector about what is included in an inspection, the type of defects they typically find in your type of home, and how an inspection can benefit you.  The first step is calling a home inspector to learn more about their process.

There are also many other services a home inspector may provide like radon testing, termite Inspections, and other services that may be great options for homeowners or people in this position. Third-party inspections like chimney inspections will also be suggested by your home inspector. There is a ton of information to learn about your home and what you don’t know can hurt you!!!

Consider Using Our Boston Home Inspection Services!!!

At Another Level Inspections, we offer judgment-free inspections. We understand the pressure buyers are under in today’s market. Not only understand their dilemma, but we want to help. We are happy to discuss the option of a post-sale inspection with you a provide no-pressure information about what we offer. Call today to learn more!